Gold, Silver, Platinum Jewelry

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There are multiple identifiers we look at when we test you’re gold, silver and platinum jewelry. One of these identifiers is the jewelry markings. For example if it’s marked GP we do not buy this it stands for gold-plated. When looking at your jewelry we are looking for 24K, 22k, 18K, 16k, 14k, 10K. These numbers represent a purity of the gold.


With silver jewelry we are also looking for markings as one of the identifiers. 999, 925, 835, Sterling, s t e r and a few others. If it says silver plated we do not buy silver plated. You will get the best return on your investment by donating them to your local reuse it Ministry be sure to get a receipt for a good tax write-off.


With Platinum items we are also looking for markings as one of the identifiers to the purity. Some of these identifying markings are PT, pt900, pt950, plat or platinum.

All in all depending on the purity of the gold, silver or platinum the higher the Purity the higher the payout. Click the button below to request a free appraisal kit.

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