Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my gold worth?

On our website you will see today’s spot prices at the time of the arrival of your contents. What the spot price of the day is, is what we will use to calculate your offer. For total transparency depending on what you’re selling if it’s gold bullion we pay 90% of spot price. If you’re selling silver or gold or platinum jewelry we give up to 83% of the pure metal content value. The reason we’re able to give you such a good price is our appraisers are fast and efficient and our system is quick and safe.

How fast will it take to get my gold appraisal kit?

Assuming the website form was filled out correctly. Depending on mail, 24 to 72 hours is typical.

How is the value of my items determined?

The value of your items is determined by three main factors….. but we determine prices by the daily gold price according to the London fixed spot price of each material, Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium. Second we determine the purity of the contents, this is where we determine what the percentage of gold or the percentage of silver etc is. Thirdly, we weigh the items. Based on this information we can determine what price we will pay you.

How will you send me the cash?

As soon as you say yes to the offer we give you via email we then send payment. What’s the mail system? The mail system does not send cash. But we have a few good safe options. One is a check in the mail. This usually takes 3 to 5 business days. Option two is an ACH deposit into your bank. This usually takes 24 hours and there are no fees associated with it. Option 3 is deposit into your Paypal account. This it takes approximately 24 hours, there are small fees associated with this option

Are your scales calibrated?

Yes, according to our laws and licenses we operate with calibrated scales to ensure accuracy.

How long would it from the point when I say yes to your offer?

When you agree to our offer, we’re able to send payment within 24 hours.

What if we don't like your offer?

In the event that you do not approve our offer, we then send back all your products in a timely manner at no cost to you.

Do you need a license to buy gold?

Yes you do. You must be licensed by the city and the local Sheriff’s Office. We are registered and licensed with the attorney general. You should not sell your gold to any unlicensed person or business.

Do you pay for diamonds and gemstones?

We do not pay for gemstones or diamonds. However we can calculate the weight of the gem and pay you in gold weight, which will raise your offer price.

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